Casa Amorim Girão

Casa Amorim Girão

Casa Amorim Girão


Casa Amorim Girão is the ideal refuge to take a break from mind and body tiredness, stress and urban life in general, enjoying everything the farm has to offer, as well as the region in which it is located. As soon as we step into the property, we are welcomed by the beautiful views of the garden and surrounding hills. Inside the farm, you forget about time, breathe peace and quietness and admire the green of the treetops or the ever-present serenity of Lafão and Nossa Senhora do Castelo Hills, that rise at the back of the property.


Next to the pool, the shade of the giant, leafy linden trees stands out; this refreshing oasis on hot days is also surrounded by fertile greenery, where you can find fruit trees (peach, apple, walnut, plum, etc.) and others such as camellias, palm trees, ivy or holly. In front of the pool, lies the house of the current owners, and on the left side, all the greenery of the farm as far as the eye can see, with a blue sky of fluffy clouds one can look up to in between delicious naps.


Casa Amorim Girão has two apartments and six bedrooms. In all of them, natural light and an elegant decoration set the tone. Materials such as granite and partition and sash windows, inherited from the original construction, remind us of tradition.


This farm is certified in organic production by ECOCERT. On this 5-hectares farm, a variety of vegetables and fruits are grown, in a greenhouse and outdoors, which are then distributed weekly to organic stores in Porto.


Modern rooms and suites that make the most of natural light and wide rooms and common areas, where you can breathe space, comfort and privacy.


It all started in 2010 with the organic farm, today a sustainable business, which makes the most of these lands’ fertility converting it into a varied supply of vegetables and fruits, while contributing to a healthy diet of a growing number of people.